Molly Austin
(512) 771-0721


Life for me is about connecting the dots. I come from a long family lineage of dot connectors, and I’m glad that I inherited the trait. I grew up in a small Texas town and loved all the connections I had with people in my community. Even though I’ve moved onto larger towns, I love that I still run into people I know in the grocery store.

For me, being a realtor is about helping people. It encompasses all the past career fits and starts I’ve had throughout my life and culminates in doing what I do best – connecting the dots. My background is in sales, marketing and promotion, beginning from my early days as top seller of Girl Scout cookies.

I have been blessed to have friends and family who keep me buoyant and work alongside me to support Austin Sells Austin. With the help of these friends and family, I have gained more clients along the way who I now also consider my friends. I am very grateful for these existing and new connections to my community.

I am a wife and mother who has the privilege of volunteering at my children’s school, my church and in my community. I love to help people connect the dots in their own lives. It starts with a dream and ends in a reality of you being able to call a house your home.

Thank you for considering me as your realtor. I look forward to helping you connect a few dots of your own and find your own community of connections.