John Blackburn

After rewarding careers in education and semi-conductor marketing, I obtained my realtors license in 1992.  My wife and I moved to Austin in 1997 and in 2002 I started my real estate firm, Blackburn Properties.

The philosophy of the firm is "good works begets more work".  When I represent you and show you what good representation is, more than likely you will tell someone else.  They will call me and I start the process over again.  It sounds simple, so why doesn't everybody else do it?  Well, I have found quite a few others that adhere to the same philosophy.  Some of them have joined my firm as realtors and some as other service providers.  Check out the "Service Providers" tab of this site and you will find painters, plumbers, air conditioning service technicians, attorneys, doctors, locksmiths and much more.

Call if I can help, or if you wish to add someone to my list of service providers.